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The most useful yet feared tool of all (c) YB Marketing LLC

No other tool can be useful in gauging customer attitude, trends and intentions faster than the telephone. At YB Marketing we use the telephone as an essential tool in our customer-centric campaigns.

As important as it is, it is also critical to develop the right campaigns - campaigns founded on permission-based marketing strategies.

  the role of tele-services

bullet Database / CRM scrubbing / clean up
bullet Support of company or sporting events (any kind) 
bullet Brand awareness
bullet Market research / market saturation
bullet Prospect / new contacts in support of webinars / new product / company announcements

   facts about tele-services

bullet All campaigns are managed by an executive sales manager
bullet Campaigns can be as short as 2 - weeks
bullet Contracts are based on hourly commitments with a per hour rate set (straight commission is not encouraged)
bullet Staff can be trained in the campaigns products specifics

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