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News snippets related to customer attitudes / activities

We peruse headlines in marketing and technology everyday looking for facts and attitudes from the customers point of view. 

SURVEY SAYS! - shows link between product recalls, user reviews
October 2007

More than 60% of consumers now look for user-generated product reviews online, according to a new survey by Deloitte Consulting. The poll also found a third of respondents were motivated by recent product recalls to pay greater attention to descriptions and warnings on packaging and 18% were motivated for the same reason to seek out information online

YB Marketing comment: 1) Further research substantiates this finding because users are far more likely to trust other users than the word of vendors and 2) get a BLOG / develop community on your site - even if perceived as painful (truth often is!).

Sources: Advertising Age - http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=121565        IAB Smart Brief

More and more on-line; increasing spending per year / per transaction  
October 2007

Summarizing www.emarketer.com. 
Web facts - e-commerce accounts for $1 of every $10 spent across all retail channels in the US; two-thirds of American Internet users shop online and there are some 200 million plus of them (us); average per user transaction now stands at $976.00

YB Marketing comment: The amount of web sites that remain unable to transact with its customers is high. Good design combined with BLOGS and community should result in an increase or newly realized source of revenues (depending on business sector of course).

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